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In Africa today, there are 51, 698 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), 2,012 deaths and 17,590 recovery reported by the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to Johns Hopkins University, South Africa has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa, with 7,808 people infected. Egypt follows with 7,588, while Morocco has reported 5,408 cases and Algeria has 4,997 cases.

The highest COVID-19 death rate can be seen in Algeria, with 476 people dead, 469 in Egypt, and 183 in Morocco.

However, the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho, is the only African country that has not reported a single case of COVID-19.

The World Health Organization is worried by the community spread of the new coronavirus in a significant number of West African countries.

In curbing the spread of the virus, African countries have issued targeted lockdowns in some major cities, as well as dusk-to-dawn curfews and restrictions on travel, but recently eased the partial lockdown imposed to stem the spread of coronavirus.

While educational facilities remain closed in most African countries, businesses have been allowed to operate while observing social distancing.

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