China’s largest English-language newspaper, China Daily, today launched its African edition, China Daily Africa Weekly, in an attempt to communicate the relationship between China and Africa, comprehensively to the general public.

Zhu Ling, China Daily’s publisher and editor-in-chief, said the relationship between the two parties is growing “complex and not always understood – not just by those in other parts of the world but Africans and Chinese, too.”

“We hope to set that straight…,” he added.

The newspaper, which will report Chinese involvement in Africa and also the prominent role Africans play in China, is being published in Nairobi, with its circulation to cover the continent.

The weekly publication will also be available in digital format.

China, Africa’s largest trading partner, has a growing economic role to play in Africa’s development. The sino-country is single-handedly responsible for infrastructure development ongoing in Angola where the government has reportedly in a raw deal traded oil for its services.

The financier of the $150 million African Union (AU) HQ building Addis Ababa, in July also promised a $20 billion fund to the continent over the next three years.

The government has also initiated thousands of scholarships for African journalists.

According to BBC, China Central Television launched CCTV Africa, also headquartered in Kenya. Xinhua and Chinese radio are also expanding operations in Africa.

China Daily Africa Weekly marks a significant milestone in the overseas development of China Daily and joins the paper’s international stable of publications in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific as well as Hong Kong.

China Daily Group is an authoritative provider of information, analysis, commentary and entertainment to global readers. China Daily has firmly established itself as the leading English-language news organization in China since its founding in 1981.


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