From electric vehicles to autonomous driving, the future of cars is shaping up. At the Beijing Auto Week, which is this week, the cars to be on display would offer a sneak peek into what cars could be like in the near future.

This auto show follows China’s decision to allow full foreign ownership of Chinese automakers in a move to make the industry more flexible as it promotes electric cars.

The shift towards electric cars has majorly been propelled due to different government policies and sanctions. With stringent fuel economy requirements and other regulations, automakers around the world are rallying round to build electric cars across a wide range of price points.

It appears we should be expecting more cars like this on our streets:

China’s BYD Auto electric concept car on display at the Auto week. The company is the biggest global maker of electrics by volume with 2017 sales of 113,669 units. Photo credit: AP Photo/Andy Wong
An Italy-based electric car company XEV and 3D printing material company Polymaker will display this 3D printed vehicle. The car, a first of its kind, is entirely created out of 3D printed parts. Only the chassis, seats and glass, due to the material used, aren’t. The could be the car for the near future of commuting.
Fully electric, environmental friendly 4-seater SUV K500 developed for Hybrid Kinetic Group (HKG) also on display. Photo credit: Auto Express
HKG partnered up with the legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina to create a pair of electric concept cars: the H500 and K350. This K350 shown here is tailored to meet the demand in China for executive cars with “large rear legroom.” Photo Credit: Auto Express
The Q Inspiration electric car has a shortened hood since there’s no need for an internal combustion engine. Seen as a template for future cars, there’s more interior space and more luggage space and smaller wheels. Christian Meunier, Infiniti’s division vice president for global sales and marketing believes “With EV [electric cars], simplicity is going to be more and more.” Photo credit: Auto blog


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