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With the aim of facilitating an improved service for car buyers, sellers, technical experts and motor specialists, Nigeria’s largest car buying service, Cars45 has recently partnered with Turing Simcubator Limited and Carsbazr to launch refurbishment centres and a retail point.

With a lifelong goal committed to offer their various customers a transparent platform to sell cars with ease, this laudable partnership is expected to constantly ensure the availability of road-ready refurbished cars to patronising customers so they can simply ‘Buy and Drive.’

According to a review of Cars45, one of the major factors that have been propelling the company in recording more success since inception in 2016 is its strong hold on core values and placing customers first. It is therefore to this end that every Nigerian-used car sold to the company (Cars45) are immediately sent to Turing Simcubator Limited where it is transformed to meet world class standards.

Speaking on the culture of the company and the essence of the partnership, Mohammed Iyamu, Head of Trading, Cars45, explained that upon repairs and complete testing of the cars to ascertain their fitness for the road, Cars45 then makes these cars available to average Nigerians who can go on to buy them and commence immediate use without any undue fear or need to carry out further repairs.

The Head of Trading added that one of the major fears of customers on the condition of the cars is due to their understanding and knowledge of Nigeria’s poor road networks. He also assured car buyers that this partnership would ensure safe and improved services.

“Nigerians largely express their fears when it comes to buying Nigerian used cars. This fear is based on the mechanical problems caused by bad roads, harsh climatic conditions or user negligence. The partnership with Turing Simcubator Limited is to provide a lasting solution to this problem wherein locally used cars that are sold to Cars45 are refurbished by Turing Simcubator Limited and resold by Carsbazr in topnotch conditions offering customers the ‘Buy & Drive’ experience where they won’t have to do further car repairs.”

While expressing optimism on the new partnership, Turing Simcubator Limited’s Service Manager disclosed that the benefit from the partnership cannot be overemphasised, assuring the general public that the future of cars have only become brighter.

“What can be achieved with this partnership cannot be exhaustively imagined. With this business handshake between Nigeria’s largest car buying platform on the one hand and one of Nigeria’s largest refurbishment multibrand automobile workshop, the future of used cars on the road is truly bright. The stress of buying and shipping a car from overseas is one that Nigerians will not have to go through. This is because this partnership of ours is offering the exact quality in the refurbished cars.”

Interested prospective buyers and car dealers are hereby pre-empted that an avalanche of refurbished cars are already on display at Turing Simcubator Limited at Plot 3 Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Mushin Lagos.  


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