With the rise of the African Fashion Industry, it is important that African designers expand their market to other African countries and international markets. It is with this aim that most online boutiques/retailers exist.

Malakh & Sco is an online clothing retailer for Independent African fashion designers. The brand was started by two undergraduate friends- Demi Ademuson and Tobi Tikolo, who believe that African designers should be celebrated worldwide. They both believe that African Art, fashion and culture has reached a level of maturity at which it is ready to be exported to the world.

“When we think online shopping, we think of much more than a mechanical or iterative process aimed at purchasing merchandise. We think of a largely social phenomenon aimed at interacting with friends, family and even brands. Our intent is to recreate this experience on this website. We like to see ourselves as more than just a middleman, we have genuine interest in the growth of all the brands we are involved with. The times are really exciting times for the Industry as a whole and we are honoured and blessed to be a part of it”

The company is on a mission to serve as an extension of African fashion houses as opposed to just a middleman. Their typical customers are 18-34 years old fashion lovers who lay emphasis on the quality and craftsmanship behind their clothes.  With an aim to transform the thinking of online retail into an online shopping mall, the company was launched on April 1st 2012 with designers- Grey, Republic of Foreigner and House 38 and Andrea Iyamah, with plans to expand to other African designers.


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