van der Watt is the creative force behind the famous Black Coffee fashion label. He studied English and Japanese pattern-cutting techniques at Leggatts Design Academy and worked as a costume designer before launching his label Black Coffee in 1988.

The brand was joined by Daniça Lepen in 2004; Jaques and Daniça have both worked hard to produce mind blowing contemporary designs. They have placed a distinct mark on South African fashion and continue to set themselves apart by creating detailed and unique designs.

Black Coffee is a South African brand that creates stylish, flawless and spectacular designs. The aim of the label is to always dress the creative, adventurous woman and at the same time present old African traditions in a new light. The label’s approach is described as deeply referential, meticulously engineered and ultimately divergent. In addition, innovative thinking has placed Black Coffee at the forefront of the African fashion industry.

“It’s an ethos that embraces contrast and re-shapes traditions with an intuitive twist. The result is mysteriously familiar yet refreshingly distinct, occupying a space somewhere between history and imagination. His enormous talent, integrity and depth of understanding have placed him as a leader of South African design where he is celebrated as the country’s most cerebral designer.”

Black Coffee has showcased at South Africa, New York, Berlin, San Francisco and Cape Town Fashion Weeks. The label’s flawless designs and accomplishments has been noticed by top fashion experts. They won the Mercedez Benz Art Award twice with and installation that is now a permanent part of the Daimler-Chrysler art collection. In 2010, they won the Best Designer during the African Fashion Awards hosted by African Fashion International. Black Coffee has indeed assured itself a leading role in the African Fashion Industry.

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