Bidoung challenge

The bidoung challenge or the #BidoungChallenge can be defined as:


  1. A game involving two or more participants where one person plays the role of a socially superior individual, and the other, being subordinate, genuflects. Now the challenge is; how low or from what distance can one bow as a subordinate?

“The bidoung challenge is the latest trend on social media.”

  1. Historical

The bidoung challenge or the hashtag #BidoungChallenge is a form of African salutation where the greeter stands, lies, or just assumes an awkward position, as he/she salutes the greetee.

  1. An African upgrade of the Chinese kowtow. More like Kowtow 4.0 or simply “African kowtow”.


  1. To bidoung/to do the bidoung: Act in an excessively subservient manner to someone in authority. To greet “too respectfully” or show too much respect.

“David didn’t have to bidoung to the minister, but he did anyway”




Eight days old – Started on Thursday, December 8, 2016. But hopefully, it has come stay.


Pierre Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt, Cameroun’s Minister of Sports and Physical Education

How it all started

Once upon a day in Cameroun, a week ago to be precise, the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon had just emerged the first runner up of the 2016 Africa Women Cup of Nations, hence President Paul Biya threw a grand reception at the Unity Palace to celebrate and honour them. (Meanwhile, the Super Falcons of Nigeria, eight-time champions of AWCON have been protesting non-salary payments since their return from the event. But this is just, by the way, I have since given up on this administration in the area of sports, especially with the appointment and retainment of that joke of a sports minister, Solomon Dalung.)

Now back to the matter; at this well-attended reception, Cameroun’s Minister of Sports, Mr. Bidoung proceeded to salute President Biya. But he did it in a most fawning manner, standing several metres away from the President and bowing a considerable degree as they shook hands. The rare salute and now, historic moment was captured on camera. And once it was published, went viral as Cameroonians edited the photograph and recreated the moment in various hilarious ways on social media with the hashtag #BidoungChallenge.

Here are some of the funniest #BidoungChallenge.

No recreation here, only a mathematical calculation of the angle and distance of the first ever bidoung.



Grandma sure deserves a bidoung, she’s old enough


Bidounging in far away … Where is this again?


Soldiers are not known to shy away from challenges, including a bidoung challenge.


Errr …


When you are not worthy to shake your superiors hand …


The stunt bidoung


I wonder if this is some sort of reverse role play therapy … The dog is all for it, clearly.


It just keeps getting better


And better …


Now this takes the cake – the ultimate bidoung.



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