Ayodele Dada, the 29-year-old Psychology graduate from the University of Lagos, who had an outstanding 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Aggregate (CGPA), has been honoured by the Nigerian House of Representatives. The parliament awarded him the rare privilege of admittance to its plenary session.

While commending the scholar, sponsor of the motion, Femi Gbajabiamila, said the act was a dream come true which should be shown to other Nigerians, while stating that the federal government needed to tap into Dada’s potential. It is possible that Gbajabiamila sponsored the motion as a result of the activism several young Nigerians undertook on social media platform, Twitter, saying the young man deserved a national honour or an endorsement deal as an ambassador of the country’s failing education sector.

One of the major challenges millennials currently face is an ‘information overload’ as well as often being accused of only addressing everyday issues through social media platforms. However, this has shown it does not matter that young people are constantly mocked for having no real influence over society as social media awareness has helped tremendously in this case.

The House of Representatives’ recognition may be the starting point for proper integration of the country’s scholars into positions of note in Nigeria. This is a major issue as many reputable Nigerian experts have been adopted by western countries while the country languishes in a myriad of socio-economic problems that could easily be solved by these people.

Dada was encouraged by several lawmakers to live a life worthy of emulation as well as being a role model to younger Nigerians.

Although there was no monetary reward (which is something many Nigerians were expecting for Dada), the invite by the House of Representatives could be the much needed jump start he needs to begin making a positive impact in the country.

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