Land is well rooted in our being. Let’s be frank. Africa’s main asset is poverty.

I must articulate that at this moment of writing this article, there is a surge of compassion overload, as the tears stream form my tear ducts. Looking for a fitting picture to add for the article, I am emotionally devastated by what is available. Imagine as I am, this is your child! More so now, as a UNICEF Volunteer do we need more people to get involved.

All of us take for granted the fact that we can get into our cars (yes, there are few who will walk or get on a bicycle) and head for the fast food outlet, grocery store to stock our shelves. The more I am reading on this topic, the scarier life is becoming. Probably almost two years ago, to feed my desire to learn more about food security, I bought a book “The End of Food” by Paul Roberts. This book kept me up a few nights with anxiety and intrigue. Clearly, the modern food economy that the system entrusted to meet our most basic needs is failing daily.

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