African capitalism and the mobilisation of Anglophone and Francophone business communities came under the spotlight at the 2014 Africa CEO Forum, which came to a close last Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ben Yahmed, the chairman of the Africa CEO Forum, said holding the gathering beyond African borders exposed African capitalism to as many investors around the world as possible.

“It was also necessary to find a meeting place that could mobilize Anglophone and Francophone Africa, along with the international mass media. Now that we have a brand, a reputation, we will organize the third meeting in Africa,” Yahmed said.

The 2014 CEO Forum, which was graced a large number of CEOs from Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, was put together by Groupe Jeune Afrique, in collaboration with the Rainbow Unlimited and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

More than 700 employers, financial services companies, investors, government ministers and global reporters had talks about Africa’s huge economic potentials and questions.

Guests agreed that the continent’s private sector had to be galvanised intensely and that divisions between Francophone and Anglophone Africa be bridged.


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