The Education Partnership Centre (TEP) is set to host the 4th summit of the Nigerian Education Innovation Summit (NEIS). The two-day programme which will hold between 18 – 19 October 2018, in Gbagada, Lagos is themed ‘Accountability and transparency in the Education Sector.’

The summit which holds annually serves as a platform to strengthen the education structure in Nigeria and increase innovations in the Nigerian education sector. The event marks itself as a major event in the country’s education calendar.

Federal universities and many other tertiary institutions in Nigeria are owned and funded by the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) and by extension, the respective agencies. However, licensing and monitoring bodies for these said tertiary institutions also operate under the directives of the Federal Ministry of Education leaving a question of how reliable their operations are.

With various corruption charges levied against the education sector, The 4th NEDIS aims at challenging accountability and transparency in the education sector but also provoke conversations strengthening accountability and transparency by emphasising key roles public and private stakeholders should play in improving the sector.

The Summit which began in 2015 assembles stakeholders from government, research and academia, civil society, and education innovators etc. for serious discourse, knowledge sharing, learning, capacity development and networking.

NEDIS 2017, featured enlightening plenary sessions, engaging breakout discussion participatory workshop and a thought-provoking drama skit produced by Zack Amata. It further featured an exhibition of innovative product and services from organisations among which are Bridge International, Mavis Computel, development Research and Project Centre etc.

NEDIS has contributed to the education sector in Nigeria, exploring new exciting and sustainable approach for increasing access to quality education for demean and underserved citizens. At the summit since its debut in 2015, arguments are premised on the importance of identifying and improving innovation to operate more within the system and be more effective in the country and beyond.

The 4th NEDIC discussions will be opened by Mr William C. Smith, from the office of UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report with several leading voices in the education innovation ecosystem speaking as panellists at the sessions. It would feature plenary and breakout sessions, workshops, an exhibition of innovative education product and services etc.


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