Towards late 2012 I had written a well received article on the most promising areas for tech based businesses in Africa for 2013. Today, many of the sectors predicted are definitely looking to be more exciting. As we fully step into what promises to be a year of innovation from Nigeria-focused internet companies, here are key sectors I believe will witness increased aggressive growth, competition and innovation.


This sector is certainly one of the most aggressive and vibrant at the moment. A flurry of e-commerce startups have emerged in the last one or two years as opportunities in the commerce and shopping industry became clearer. There are the general commerce and well funded companies like Konga, Jumia and others making it possible to order just about anything from the comfort of the home or office. The smaller ones such as Sunglasses and Glamour battle for space in specific distribution of niche products. Deals-based ecommerce sites are also not left behind.

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