The finals of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) will be shown live on local stations across Nigeria.

This development comes after the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) confirmed that it now has an agreement with the Confederation of African Football and Broadcast Rights owners of the AFCON 2013 (LC2).

Prior to the agreement, matches of the tournament have only been viewed in the country via satellite stations and radio commentaries due to disagreements over financial details,

French company LC2 had earlier demanded 8 million euros ($11 million) for the rights. That’s after BON made an offer of $1.2 million to JCM-African Sports Consulting sometime last year who BON thought had the rights for the Nigerian terrain. Thereafter, BON offered to pay $300, 000 for the opening and closing ceremonies as well as matches involving Nigeria. This offer was also rejected.

In the days leading to the tournament, LC2 backed down on their 8 million euros demands during negotiations with BON but the umbrella body of media organisation in the country offered $2.5 million pounds which was rejected.

With this new development, the finals between Nigeria’s Super Eagles and the Stallions of Burkina Faso will now be viewed by as much as 100 million people.


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